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Dalkey Island and Killiney Bay Panorama.

Panorama from sorrento park overlooking Dalkey island

Panorama from sorrento park overlooking Dalkey island

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Killiney Tea Rooms

Tea rooms on Killiney Hill 21-12-10

Tea rooms on Killiney Hill 21-12-10

Sunrise or Sunset?

Neither, It’s lit by a lovely street light to the left, and the full moon is giving that lovely blue light, on the right hand side of the building.

It’s a 30 second exposure on the shortest day of the year, 21-12-2010!
very magical indeed.

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Dalkey Island Dolphins

Dolphin Breaching the icy waters of Vico bathing place Killiney

Dolphin Breaching the icy waters of Vico bathing place Killiney

Here is my shot of the Dalkey Island Dolphin. I had spotted them whilst shooting this incredible award winning panorama.

I have just opened a new Gallery in Dalkey County Dublin. I am sharing it with Dave Kelly, One fantastic wood turner, we are just getting set up there, but would love you to drop in anytime you are is the location map.

It’s the most beautiful little space.
I will post images of it soon.

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Dalkey Dolphins

Dalkey Dolphins

 I shot a pod of Dolphins yesterday in Killiney bay for a couple of hours.

It was amazing as you could not tell where they were going to breach next.
I think they were just playing with each other, or maybe trying to get warm, as it was one of the coldest mornings
with snow everywhere.

Out of 300 frames I got about two that I would be happy with!
You would not believe how hard it is to hand hold a long lens for a couple of hours with no gloves on
and try to focus, keep the horizon level, and not fall in as the rocks were very icy.
All in all I’m delighted with this one.

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Bullock Storm

Bullock wave

Hot off the press

I shot this yesterday from the 40ft looking towards Bullock.
It actually doesn’t do the waves justice, but I like it none the less.

I waited 3 hours for the sun to come out
1/1250  200mm@5.6 iso320.

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Ann’s Bakery

ANN'S Baker

I had the great pleasure to work once again with some bakers, I used to be a baker once.

Ann’s Bakery on Mary Street is a hive of activity and all the bread is freshly baked on the premises. I captured some lovely moody images for a test shoot I was doing, here’s one of my favourites.

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Laser Eye Surgery


This image would have been very uninteresting without the use of a Tilt-Shift lens. When used like this, the affect is to emphasize the beautiful eyes.

The depth of field can be controlled with this lens in an amazing way, It’s great for portraits, when you need to throw the background out of focus, and also brilliant when shooting products, where a large depth of field is required.

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Sunday Tribune Advertisement



This image was shot in two parts, The Shotgun with smoke on a nice moody background and the rugby balls separately.

I really enjoy shooting strong simple still life in the studio.

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Shane Cullen Art


This shot is all about keeping things simple – one light, no colour, no Photoshop – just  good old-fashioned emulsion and chemicals!

It’s a digital router etching out type in Styrofoam for Shane Cullen’s piece, The Agreement. The two little arms are air jets to keep the process clean. The artist used to do similar work by hand, but considering these panels were 12 feet high and he had 55 to complete, he would still be at it today! The shot was taken in Spring, 2002.

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James Brown Live in Dublin C1990

I shot this image of James Brown about 20 years ago in The Point Depot.

I used to do a lot of gigs on my trusty Nikon FM2, using either Kodak Tri-X, or the new kid on the block, Kodak T-Max.
This was shot on T-Max @ 3200 iso, and I just love the grain.

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