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Sandycove Heatwave 28-6-18

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Little Planets

I am shooting little Planets for clients now.
They look amazing.
They are photographed on a special 360 panorama rig, and then stitched to produce what is known as a Little Planet.
The quality of the finished file is amazing.


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I waited 27 yrs for this !

These photographs were both taken by me, 27 yrs apart. I still have the camera I shot the grainy B&W image on, all those yrs ago!. I doubt I’ll still have my Canon, In 27 yrs, But who knows.
The old technology meant you had to rely on your experience, and knowledge of light, and camera settings. There was no guessing, you had to get it right, every time, as a pro.
The new technology certainly helps you achieve your goal much more efficiently, But the sense of achievement is considerably less in my opinion.
Either way I can’t believe I got two lightning shots 27 yrs apart in the same place, and at the same time of yr.
#Canon #Lightning #Nikon #Dalkey #Dalkeyisland
Lightening strike No.2 lightening over Dalkey island May 1989

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New food photography

What a great year 2015 was for Food Photography.
There’s an amazing amount of talent in Ireland, and when it comes to food, the standard of produce is wonderful.
I have been very lucky to work with some great Cooks and with some great establishments. I would like to thank
And a multitude of others too.

Here’s a small gallery of my favourite images from the year.

Related Images:

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My Christmas donation

Every year I get asked by countless people for donations.
This year I donated one of my framed landscape pieces, to the setanta school for Autistic children, as they needed money for a new bus.
I am delighted to say it raised €1500 towards them, at an auction.
I adore this shot as the Snow is out of focus in some parts and there’s even the odd flake totally suspended.
I think on a day like that, the sign should read “Wetsuits must be worn”!!!.
This and many other pieces are for sale in the glasthule gallery and online.

image from the 40 ft in sandy cove shot in 2009

image from the 40 ft in sandy cove shot in 2009

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Dunnes Stores Valentines TV Commercial

Very proud of my first complete TV commercial, Shot on location for Bonfire Advertising and Dunnes Stores

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Google Business Photos

Here is a lovely bit of animation that explains why it’s very helpful
to have Google Business Photos as part of your marketing plan.


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Google Business Photos

I’m delighted to be the first in Ireland to offer Google business photos.
So what does it all mean?

Basically it’s street view coming indoors (no car) to do a virtual tour of your business.
So let’s say you have a beautiful restaurant, Gym, Gift shop, etc and you want to showcase
it to the world. This is the answer in a very simple way.
Just click and drag, use the arrows to move from one room to the next and even go upstairs
for a peek.

View Larger Map

The work is undertaken by me and uploaded to your Google places page. From there you are free to use the panorama on your own site, or Facebook or anywhere you need. There is a once off fee and included with the Panorama you get several point of interest images, such as an interior, menu pages, form of payment, and opening hours.

I’m very excited by this and think it has great potential for lots of businesses. But don’t just take my word about it, Have a look at this article


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“Winter in Dalkey”. video of images

Beautiful piece edited by David Blake, of some of my images, Enjoy.

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40 Foot Storm 01

Huge wave crashing into the 40 ft.

Huge wave crashing into the 40 ft.

I took this image at 3.30pm on the 29-12-09 and it was practically dusk at that stage.

It reminds me of the famous Guinness ad., with the surf turning into white horses,
I love it when I’m working in conditions like this, At times the water was up to my waist, you can get trapped in here so running out isn’t an option!
Always be very careful in conditions like this, as one rogue wave is all it takes to finish you off.

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