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Standardizing when it's easy allows you to standardize when it's hard

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Smoking - these conditions may increase risk for a serious eye problem called naion

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The fund also accused Abbott and AbbVie of insurance fraud, alleging the companies instructed pharmacies to hid subsidies by processing them as secondary insurance rather than discounts.

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again in psychopharmaceuticals, I see initial dosing ranges which are too high, and later research establishes

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However, MS drug Betaferon (Interferon beta 1b) saw a drop of 19.6% as its expiring patents brought more generic competition

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There are other people besides the drivers putting their lives on the line, the track workers, and they are unpaid

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These disciplines can tweak conventional notions of athletic prowess

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had earlier barred from Ranbaxy from importing more than 30 different drugs made at factories in India